jloJennifer Lopez playing notorious female drug kingpin Griselda Blanco is already controversy!

She is set to play the richest and most powerful female drug trafficker of all time – but Griselda’s ex-boyfriend has a problem with that.

Charles Cosby is threatening to sue HBO if they reference or mention him in the TV movie, according to TMZ. He wants nothing to do with the film. Additionally, he isn’t fond of JLo. He reportedly called her unconvincing “with no street cred.”

Charles had previously narrated Griselda’s life in a hit 2006 documentary titled “Cocaine Cowboys 2.” Not surprisingly, he is currently focusing on producing a movie on Griselda’s life called “Hustle” – so he’s most definitely not fond of Jennifer’s project.

Fun fact – Charles is the one man in Griselda’s life who she has dated and is still alive. She killed the rest.

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