jennifer+lopezJennifer Lopez has revealed the cover for her tenth album and man oh man did they go overboard on the photoshop!

It looks like they retouched EVERYTHING! The skin is shining like plastic, the hair is 120% where it’s supposed to not be which isn’t natural, and her boobs also look like they are totally not hers!

Even her eyes look green!!

The album is called “A.K.A.” so maybe that means this abomination of photoshop is ‘also known as’ JLo.


Jennifer Lopez ha revelado la carátula de su nuevo disco y la verdad que es una sobredosis de photoshop.

Parece que le hicieron retoque a TODO! Su piel luce de plástico, su cabello demasiado perfecto, y las bubis parecen no pertenecerle a ellas!

Hasta sus ojos lucen verdes!!

Se pasó!

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