jloJennifer Lopez is one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential this year and graces one of the six different covers released for the special issue.

Specifically, the singer, actress, dancer, producer, director, designer, etc., is part of the list of “Icons.”

Kerry Washington wrote the article for the magazine and said, “When Jennifer left the Bronx to pursue her dreams, I would rush to finish my homework on Sunday to watch her on In Living Color. She made me believe that you could come from where we came from and achieve whatever you imagine is possible.”

“But she’s also a mother, an entrepreneur, an activist, a designer, a beauty icon, a philanthropist and a producer. She is an undeniable force and a powerful example—not just for women of color but for anyone who has been made to feel ‘other’ and for everyone who carries the burden and the privilege of being a first,” she added.

She’s been on countless magazine covers, but some are more meaningful and special than others.

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