Jennifer Lopez7.jpgAfter a press conference in Puerto Rico, in which she and husband Marc Anthony plugged their current and future projects, Jennifer Lopez talked to El Nuevo Dia about criticism, creativity, and creating a Spanish album. Here is what she said:

“Criticism can affect you if you allow it. When you are in this industry for so long, you learn to fight. You take the good, the bad and everything in between and at the end of the day know that you still continue to be yourself, a human being that likes to sing, dance, act, and be creative. That is how I live, the exterior of it at first affects you, but then you don’t pay too much attention to it. The truth is that I feel more satisfied than ever with my work and that is what’s important. Then you wait and hope that the public likes it; if it doesn’t turn out that way, we keep on learning and growing.?

“Be it fashion, a perfume, or as a producer, I always have a creative point of view. I say how I think things should look or feel.?

“The first demo that I sent to a record label was in Spanish, because I thought my career as a singer would be in Spanish. But when I got to meet the director of Sony he found out that I spoke English and then changed the plans. Of course, I wasn’t going to say no, because what I wanted to do was sing…whatever it is!?

Could she be talking about Latin Gossip? Again, it’s abuelita criticism – share what you really feel to help those you love. Latin Gossip loves, therefore Latin Gossip criticizes.

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