jmJacqui Campos, Jenni Rivera‘s daughter, shared a photo with her dad and an emotional caption to go with it.

She went to visit her dad, Jose Trinidad Marin, who is serving a sentence for sexually abusing her, Chiquis and Rosie Rivera, and wanted to share the following:

I’m sharing a very important picture with you all. It’s one that I cherish with all my heart. This picture was taken exactly 1 year and 2 days ago. It was the first time I went to go see my dad after 18 years or so. I can’t describe the feelings I had felt that day. It was surreal and scary. Bittersweet, I felt anxiety and a little bit of disappointment at the circumstances of our meeting because I was forced to realize and face that all the tragedy my mother and family went through was real. Many of you might feel confused especially if you’ve seen #MariposaDeBarrio, the television series about my moms life. It paints a very scary and ugly picture of my father. And I’m know the things that are portrayed are true because details from that series come directly from my moms and my families testimonies. BUT I also know that since it is a novela series it’s also dramatized.
So you may be asking why would she ever want a relationship with that man? Or How can she do this to her mom? First thing, my mom was such an amazing woman that she never suppressed my desire/need to have my dad in my life nor did she force me to hate him. Second, I choose to have a relationship with him  because he is my father! Cause no matter what I love him. I’m a person who has made so many mistakes in my past. So 2nd chances our crucially important  to me and I truly believe In the power of forgiveness. Yes, the choices he made were terrible but I forgive him and believe he is and will continue to be better.  No sin is too big for God

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