jenniThe Jenni Rivera Estate is suing the singer’s former manager and best friend Pete Salgado.

“Deadline” reports that the legal action is due to his plan to bring Jenni’s story to life via a series on Univision.

“In blatant breach of the Agreement and his fiduciary duties, and for his own financial gain, Salgado has made, and continues to make, extensive disclosures to various people and entities regarding the business, financial and personal affairs of the late Ms. Rivera and JRE. On information and belief, the improper disclosures first occurred in an unpublished ‘book’ authored by Salgado about Ms. Rivera which was disseminated to Defendants, and continued in connection with a television series being developed and produced to air on Univision.”

The estate claims that there exists a 2013 NDA agreement he signed that he is now backing out of.

Univision is not being sued, but The Rivera clan essentially wants to shut down the Spanish-language network series “Su verdadero nombre era Dolores.”

The family is planning their own authorized series on Telemundo.

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