Many thought that ‘I Love Jenni‘ would be over after Jenni Rivera died.

Think again.

The singer’s sister, Rosie Rivera, announced that the third season of the show is on.

She said:

“With great privilege I announce that we will finish I Love Jenni in her honor. She taught us to finish all that we started. Making her proud. Sister…we continue with your dreams and plans in I Love Jenni. We are following your great example. With love and respect we keep marching.”

No more details are known at this time.

We have plenty of questions. Will the show focus just on the family dealing with the tragedy? Who is in and who is out?? Did Jenni shoot any episodes before her untimely death and if so, will that be included in the third season??

What do you all think about this??!


Muchos pensaron que ‘I Love Jenni‘ había llegado a su fin después de la muerte de Jenni Rivera.

Así no es.

La hermana de la cantante, Rosie Rivera, anunció que harán la tercera temporada de la serie.


“Es un placer anunciar que “I Love Jenni 3″ seguira por Mun2. En honor a mi hermana hermosa, terminaremos lo que ella empezo. Hermana mia como tu nos demostraste, seguimos adelante en honor a ti. Lo hacemos con amor y respeto para ti y tu legado.”

Por ahora no se conoce más sobre este proyecto.

Tenemos muchas preguntas. Quién participará?? Quién no?? Será que Jenni ya había grabado algunos capítulos? Van a incluír eso en el show??

Que opinan de todo esto??!

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