E3D06110-E5E5-41FB-A4EB-14FC87D684DAEmilio Estefan is working on a documentary about Jenni Rivera that will include never before seen footage from her last performance.

“I really want people to know her with the same admiration that I had for her as a human being, and that her fans realize how important her followers, and especially her family, were to her. We had a very beautiful friendship. I met her as a singer, as an actress, but at the same time as a person,” he said.

He added that there will be elements of surprise in the project, especially from some clips from the final show where she says something along the lines of “I hope you go to church tomorrow because I am going to see God, I am going to speak with God tomorrow” almost as if she had the premonition that she’d die the next day.

Rosie Rivera said she believes this is the right time to show her sister’s final concert.

She said, “To my sister Jenni, her faith, her family and her fans were everything. Jenni would have wanted to share this moment of her life with the world.”

The documentary is expected to be released late this year and it hasn’t been said whether it will be shown in theaters or not.

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