donomar1.jpgUPDATE : Don Omar has denied that he is getting divorced.

Reports are coming in that Don Omar and Jackie Guerrido are dunzo!!

Sources close to the couple have spoken with Primera Hora and revealed that Jackie moved out of the NYC pad they shared and is once again living in Miami with her two kids.

Apparently, it wasn’t infidelity on either part that ruined their marriage.

It turns out that a lack of trust and jealousy is what caused their apparent crashing end.

We hear that D.O. would question Jackie about every man that she would talk to and that he would get aggressive when interrogating her.

Allegedly, Don Omar even burned a few of her items out of rage. Yikes!

There are conflicting reports about more domestic violence issues, but nothing has been confirmed.

The couple had a lavish and expensive wedding in Puerto Rico in April of last year.

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