reinas+de+realtyEveryone is talking about “Reinas De Realty”!

The hot mun2 show has stuck a chord because of its many elements that pop including being Latina in the US, business(woman) practices, self-employment, motherhood, and more!

That being said, we just had to catch up with the ‘reinas’ Liz Perez and Jackie Mateos – so we called up these real estate pros.

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Todo el mundo está hablando de “Reinas De Realty”!

El nuevo show de mun2 toca varios elementos que lo hace único – el ser Latina en los Estados Unidos, mujer empresarias exitosas, trabajar de manera independiente, la maternidad, y mucho más!

Por eso nos comunicamos con las ‘reinas’ Liz Perez y Jackie Mateos – para aprender un poco más acerca de ellas.

A continuación, nuestra charla.

Interview / Entrevista

The show is called ‘Reinas De Realty’ – so you think you’re queens??
Jackie: Yeah we are! (Laughs).
Liz: Everyone always said I was so I started to believe them. (Laughs).

Having a reality show really changes lives, both good and bad. Ready for it all?
Liz: We were born ready! We say bring it on. We have already gone through so much in our personal lives and business lives so it’s like we know we can handle most anything at this point.

Let’s talk business. How is it being two women at the forefront of your business?
Jackie: It’s empowering but we have definitely faced some struggles especially in the beginning. Sometimes we would show up to a meeting and when they’d see two women ready to do business, they would ask us where our ‘jefe’ was and I always answer ‘we ARE the jefes’!

In many ways, you are representing Latinas in the US. That’s a big responsibility. What do you think about that?
Liz: Before deciding to do the show, Jackie and I talked about it because we knew we wanted to represent Latinas in the best way possible and know that it’s a big responsibility but I think we have done well with our families and business so we can only be us.

If we only had $5000 to fix up our house, what would you recommend we do?
Liz: That’s a lot of money!
Jackie: Yeah it is, you can do a lot with that. We do so much with so little and I think that’s what really surprises people. I hope people learn that from our show…that you don’t really need a lot to make a big change in your house. Of course, being Latinas, we always say start in the kitchen!

Good luck to you now having to balance you families, your business, and NOW a TV show! Are you crazy? How??
Liz: Like I said, we were born ready!

“Reinas De Realty” airs Sundays at 8 p.m. EST/7C on mun2.

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