ines+gomez+montInes Gomez Mont is revealing her truth behind her separation from Javier Diaz.

The two announced their split just month after their triplets were born and he has long said that she keeps the kids away from him. Now she is telling her side of the story for the first time.

Ines says that eight months after the three kids were born and while they were still under careful premature care, he came home to say he wanted a divorce because she disgusted him with the scar she got in the c-section to have the babies.

He also had another woman that he immediately started seeing.

Ines says he did pay child support but always late – and that his interest in seeing the kids started dwindling. At first, it was regular visits then nothing.

The TV host says she never talked about any for the sake of the kids, but that she got tired of hearing false stories about her being the bad guy in the story.

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