Angelica Celaya to Play Jenni Rivera in Telemundo Biopic

by Latin Gossip Staff on 03.13.2017 - Angelica Celaya, Jenni Rivera

angelica+celayaConfirmed! Angelica Celaya will be playing Jenni Rivera!

The actress has taken on the role of la diva de la banda in the Telemundo biopic “Mariposa de Barrio.”

The network held a press conference in Miami to reveal the cast.

This is the show that the Rivera family is behind and officially approves.

What do you think of Angelica??

Jenni Rivera Family and Telemundo Developing Series and Specials

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.16.2016 - Chiquis Rivera, Jenni Rivera, Televisión

jenniTelemundo and Jenni Rivera‘s family are going to be working together for a while.

Executives announced a development and production deal with the diva’s estate to produce a number of series and specials inspired by Jenni, including a bio-musical series based on her life story, and a Jenni Vive tribute concert.

Here we go again – who’s going to end up playing Jenni??

That’s not all. NBC Universo has revealed that they will premiere “The Riveras” – a celeb-reality series following the lives of Jenni’s children. See Chiquis Rivera and her younger siblings step up and pull together to raise each other with humor and love; and go for their biggest dreams.

Her legacy continues.

Chiquis Rivera Celebrates Birthday With Mariposa De Barrio Screening

by Latin Gossip Staff on 06.27.2017 - Chiquis Rivera

chiquisChiquis Rivera had one special birthday this year.

She attended the screening of “Mariposa De Barrio” – the Jenni Rivera series that Telemundo is premiering – on the same day as her cumpleaños.

When Chiquis arrived on the carpet, all the press sang “Happy Birthday” to her and then got to asking her questions.

She said it was an emotional day for her for obvious reasons. Interestingly enough, Chiquis revealed that she hadn’t yet see any episodes of the series.

Jenni Rivera Son Says Seeing Angelica Celaya Play Mom is Therapeutic

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.15.2017 - Angelica Celaya, Jenni Rivera, Televisión

angelica+celaya+jenni+riveraAfter Telemundo revealed the first official image of Angelica Celaya as Jenni Rivera, the iconic singer’s son, Johnny, posted another photo!

Here we see the actress portraying Jenni in the 90s with the actor playing Johnny’s father.

La Diva de la Banda’s son not only showed the pic – but also published a message that touched our hearts. He wrote:

“A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to visit the set of “Mariposa De Barrio.” They happened to be filming scenes in 1997 when my Momma was pregnant with Jenicka. I saw beautiful scenes between my parents and it was one of the most therapeutic experiences ever…I never got to see my parents together much. My earliest memories start when they were already separated. The times I saw them together most were when we would visit him in prison and they were best friends there. Though it wasn’t the real thing I was seeing, it felt so damn good…Thank you for making me feel like I could see them again even if it was from a distance…”

PS – Angelica looks A LOT like Jenni here!

Angelica Celaya as Jenni Rivera FIRST LOOK

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.15.2017 - Angelica Celaya, Jenni Rivera, Televisión

jenni+angelicaTelemundo has released the first official image of “Mariposa De Barrio” and it’s gotten everyone talking!

Here we see Angelica Celaya dressed up in one of Jenni Rivera‘s iconic looks.

So what do we think?? Spot on or not even close??

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