Selena Quintanilla Remembered by Chris Perez 23 Years After Murder

by Latin Gossip Staff on 04.02.2018 - Selena Quintanilla

selena+chrisMarch 31st marked 23 years since Selena Quintanilla was killed…and Chris Perez remembered her via a Facebook post.

He published this photo with the singer and the following quote:

“Although we all have our trials and tribulations that we have to go through in this life…we MUST be thankful for the ones that we meet along the way…that made us realize…love is REAL…love is UNCONDITIONAL…love NEVER DIES. #MyCoco”

Over two decades have gone by, but we can imagine the pain is still very real.

Selena Quintanilla Sister Explains Why She Removed Chris Perez Roses

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.06.2017 - Selena Quintanilla

selena+suzetteWhy did Suzette Quintanilla remove the roses that Chris Perez placed on Selena Quintanilla‘s star??

As we told you, Selena received a posthumous star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – and there are questions now about Suzette possibly hating on Chris during the event.

The family gathered to take pics with the star and the fans yelled for Chris to join them as well.

When he walked up, he placed white roses on the star and the crowd cheered. Moments later Suzette removed them. So what gives??

She explained on social media, saying “You guys know me, so to be straight up real with my words , people need to stop criticizing and ASSUMING moving the beautiful roses that Chris left was intentionality done to be ugly to him. CMON now, you all know me and know that would never be the case. I was ask to move them to take pics and the roses were returned after pics were taken.”

Selena’s Dad Sues Her Husband Chris Perez Over TV Series

by Latin Gossip Staff on 12.06.2016 - Selena Quintanilla

selenaSelena Quintanilla‘s father is suing her husband.

Abraham Quintanilla Jr is taking the late singer’s widower Chris Perez and production company Endemol Shine Latino to court over the development of a television series based on Chris’ “unauthorized” memoir “To Selena With Love.”

Abraham wants to halt the production of the series. According to court documents, “Defendant Perez expressly agreed that he would not exploit any of the Entertainment Properties in any manner or medium, including, without limitation, by way of a book, television series, movie, or any other motion picture medium.”

Furthermore, with the production of the series, Abraham says Chris is in violation of the Estate Properties Agreement contract he signed after Selena’s death back in 1995, which states that Selena’s father “owns all proprietary rights in the name, voice, signature, photograph, and likeness of Selena.”

Chris Perez Releasing Book About Selena Quintanilla

by Latin Gossip Staff on 02.29.2012 - Selena Quintanilla

What to say.

Selena Quintanilla‘s husband Chris Perez is releasing a book about their love.

The guitarist says that fans have longed for something like this but he never opened up about their relationship because he felt it was private – that obviously has changed.

The book, titled Para Selena Con Amor, will reveal details about his life as the legendary singer’s partner.

Truthfully, Chris has never been one to cash in on Selena’s name and fame but we do question the timing. It just happens to come out around the time that ‘her new album‘ is being released.

Chris Perez VS Venessa Villanueva Perez

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.08.2008 - Chisme

chris11.jpgThey looked like such a happy family…we feel for the kids.

Here is the latest and greatest on the whole Chris Perez divorce battle:

  • Venessa is apparently going after the properties and wants to keep it all.
  • We’re hearing that she is telling everyone that she still loves Chris and wants things to work out.
  • Her friends and family jokingly refer to her as The Kumbia Queen for her yearning to be attached to the Quintanilla name and fame.
  • Chris’s family jokingly refer to her as The Lady of Luxury because of her expensive tastes that he has to pay for.
  • Chris is rumored to dabble way too much in alcohol and hard drugs, and Venessa claims that she is now clean.

PS – Check out the comments that have been left on a previous published entry about Chris and Venessa. That in itself is a battle.

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