hector+el+fatherHector El Father has devoted himself to God completely for years but now everyone wants to talk to him.

Why?? For being the voice of “Harlem Shake”, one of the biggest hits of the moment, involuntarily.

Hector Delgado (his real name) told Telemundo’s Jorge Bernal that he believes God planned this so people see that someone with a massive hit has given himself to the Lord.

The former artist also said he has much much much much less cash flow than before but that he doesn’t want to sue the DJ that lifted his voice without permission.

However, he still has an ongoing contract with Universal.

That means the company is going after the creator of “Harlem Shake” and Hector will most likely receive money from it whether he wants it or not.

Looks like God is definitely looking out for him!


Hector El Father decidió entregarse completamente a Dios hace varios años pero ahora todo quiere hablar con él.

Por qué?? Por ser la voz de “Harlem Shake”, uno de los temas más grandes del momento, sin querer queriendo.

Hector Delgado (su nombre verdadero) habló con Jorge Bernal de Telemundo y dijo que cree que Dios planeó esto para que la gente vea que alguien con una canción tan popular es un hombre religioso.

El ex artista dijo que no quiere demandar al artista pero que sigue teniendo un contrato con Universal.

La empresa ahora está demandando al creador del “Harlem Shake” y Hector recibirá una cifra de compensación.

Parece que Dios definitivamente lo está cuidando!

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