This Sunday is the grand finale of Nuestra Belleza Latina.

We chatted with Giselle Blondet and asked her some Qs about the show, the finalists, and her plans after the show.

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- Out of all the girls that have left the competition, which has been the hardest for you personally? The hardest one was Darla, and I think the audience saw that I couldn’t control my tears. She had talent and beauty to last longer in the competition. I hope she doesn’t feel bad with what I’m saying, but she made me so mad because I don’t think she took advantage of the opportunity to show herself. She is a talented girl and is going to have a bright future.

- Do you think it’s been an advantage for Gredmarie because she is married to a celebrity? In my opinion, it’s been a disadvantage. She has had to work twice as hard to show that she is a talented girl and she is. You know, if she was someone without talent, a person without a glow, then I would understand if someone thought she was there because she is married to Alexis.

- Nastassja speaks the least Spanish. What do you think of this? I have seen her work day and night trying to improve her Spanish and if you go back and listen to her in the beginning of the show you see an impressive improvement. She also represents, in a way, a generation of Latinas in this country that are fighting to keep their language.

- Giselle, there is something different about you. You’re looking as good as these girls who are 20 years old. Give up the secret. Haha, I think that what you see is that I have been more daring. I have tried to be more modern with the wardrobe, with the hairstyles. I even got a bird’s nest done on my head which a lot of people didn’t like but I had so much fun. I live a pretty relaxed life, I exercise, I don’t have any bad habits, how boring. Hahaha. I enjoy life and I don’t worry about aging.

What are you going to do after Nuestra Belleza Latina? Honestly, stay at home sleeping, in my bed, watching television, reading magazines, I don’t want to do anything. I miss my daughters. Especially my oldest daughter because she is in Colorado. I haven’t seen her in a few months because I have been working nonstop and I want to visit my other daughter and do activities with them. I want to go on vacation with my two daughters because my son is going to study music at a university this summer, which makes me happy. Those are my plans.

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