chiquis+rivera+johnny+lope+riveraJenni Rivera‘s youngest son, Johnny Lopez, has come out revealing that he is in a gay relationship.

He posted a video on YouTube titled “Explaining Myself” to clear up the rumors and speculation about his sexuality. In recent weeks, the 16-year-old and his boyfriend teased their followers with romantic pics and tweets of the two of them.

LatinGossip was aware of the pairing, but declined to ‘out’ Johnny out of respect – taking into careful consideration that he is a minor.

Here are the key bullet points in the video…

- Johnny never comes out as gay. He and sister Chiquis Rivera specifically say that he is in a gay relationship.

- Johnny says he has hooked up with girls and is unsure of what he is into, stating right now he is bisexual.

- Chiquis was by his side throughout the whole video and said she supports him and is proud of him. She added that she has known Johnny’s sexual preferences for a while.

- Johnny brings up his mother’s not so supportive stance on the homosexual lifestyle, and he points out that she just wasn’t completely informed on the subject.

- Johnny mentioned that sisters Chiquis and Jacqui have been in lesbian relationships.

- Johnny says Rosie Rivera embraced him when he came out to her – but that she has her opinion on the topic.

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