geraldine+gabrielSo what does Gabriel Soto have to give Geraldine Bazan in their divorce??

‘TVyNovelas’ seems to have the answer. They got their hands on a doc that states what he has to dish out to her and their kids.

According to the mag, Gabriel has to pay for a house, nannies, a driver, water and electric bills, TV and telephone bills, taxes on the house, maintenance of the house, and medical insurance.

He also has to pay 2,660 dollars monthly in addition to 3100 dollars once a year for a vacation for their daughters Elissa and Alexa.

Geraldine apparently also has a credit card that she can use for the girls’ expenses that Gabriel ends up paying for.

He gets to be with his daughter two weekends a month and will celebrate Christmas with them – Geraldine gets them for New Years.

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