del rinconThis came out of nowhere!!

Fernando Del Rincon has resigned from MegaTV. He wrote the following message on Twitter:

“It’s official, I have resigned from MegaTV. This Friday will be my last day on MN and MNN. There will be more details later on…thank you to everyone. I leave on good terms…it was my decision to resign, nobody was expecting it….no gossip, be ethical…My resignation from Mega has nothing to do with my health and it also doesn’t mean that I am retiring. My career will continue, you’ll soon know. Thank you for all of your support.”

Yeah, you say no gossip but we want to know!

He’s obviously headed somewhere else, right? He had a public fallout with Univision and his ex-wife, which he also had a public fallout with, is over at Telemundo, so where??

Whatever he is doing, we wish him luck and know that he’s a smart guy so it’s probably a really good move for him.

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