farrukoFarruko seemingly doesn’t care what people think about his controversial lyrics in the Victor Manuelle song “Amarte Duro” – in fact, he could care less!

The Puerto Rican star hasn’t officially released a statement about the line in his featured rap that goes “Y te voy a dar bien duro como Chris le daba a Rihanna.”

Victor Manuelle has apologized for the words, but it doesn’t look like Farru will since he just posted an aggressive yet firm quote on Instagram.

He said “Que digan lo que quieran de mi, Tu no cree qué yo sé qué hablan de mi, Qué me envidian y tienen mano pa’ mi…Qué digan lo qué quieran de mi.” As if that wasn’t enough, the words were accompanied by an image of Farruko giving the middle finger.

The Urban artist is dealing with plenty of scandals lately – he is still under house arrest for allegedly failing to claim 51 thousand dollars in casgh at a Puerto Rican airport.

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