Eva MendesDirector Mark Steven Johnson was so interested in working with Eva Mendes that he “custom-made” a role for her in the much anticipated film Ghost Rider starring Nicolas Cage. Eva, Nic, and Mark were all at Comic Con to promote the film and Eva had this to say about her role.

“I play Roxanne Simpson…Roxanne in the comic book was blonde hair and blue eyes and just different visually from me. So I’m glad that he took a chance and gave it a little flavor, a little spice.”

I know they did this with Fantastic 4 as well because Invisible Woman was a blonde blue-eyed white woman and that role went to Jessica Alba. I’m glad to see innovative and courageous directors like Mark Steven Johnson who aren’t afraid to cast a Latino in a non-stereotypical role. For this, I say everyone go watch Ghost Rider when it comes out.

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