emendesEva Mendes is sure giving people a lot to talk about today.

One of her answers in a new interview with W magazine is a hot topic and can be seen in two ways. One way better than the other.

On her ethnicity, Eva said:

“I don’t consider myself a Latin American actress. I was born and raised here, and I have Cuban parents, but for me, I am the new American girl. It’s not only Drew Barrymore and the blond mid-western girl. This, [pointing to her face] is also what we look like now.”

Some people are saying she is denying her Latin culture.

We don’t see it that way. She is speaking the truth. The face of America has changed and it comes in many varieties, including ‘Latino’.

Eva has proven to embrace our Latin culture plus she speaks Spanish and always talks to Spanish-language press.

What do you think???

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