eva+longoriaEva Longoria wanted Latinos to wear brown ribbons to the Oscars.

She supported the Brown Ribbon Campaign, to bring awareness to the lack of Latino representation in films.

The campaign also asked supporters to tweet during the Oscars telecast using the hashtags #HollywoodBrownout and #BrownRibbonCampaign.

This year there was a big scandal over the lack of black nominees and inclusion in films and Eva wanted to bring to light the lack of equality there also exists in Latino reps.

While we support anything that lifts our community, it’s kind of difficult to complain when several Latinos not only were nominated for an Academy Award – there were several Latinos that WON!

By the way, the hashtags failed to make big online trends, nobody wore the brown ribbon, and some people were confused since the brown ribbon is already a symbol in prostate cancer awareness.

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