Even though Alessandra Rosaldo already denied that she and Eugenio Derbez broke up, HE is now coming out to squash the rumors about their split.

There was talk about them breaking up because he started renting an apartment so some mags and gossip-heads started saying that he moved out of the house he shared with Alessandra.

In an exclusive chat with Televisa Espectáculos, he said:

“This is the only time that I will be talking about this so if someone wants the story, they can take it because I won’t speak of it again. I am going to Los Angeles to work, my daughter is working in Colombia, my son is also not in Mexico because of work, so the house is going to be empty. We rented a smaller apartment and Ale is coming with me and I am renting the house to not waste it, that’s all, we rented an apartment somewhere else and the pictures came out and the rumors happened but nothing else.”

That explains it!

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