Para Todos has named Enrique Iglesias the Singer of the Year!!

2011 brought the release of HUGE hits for Enrique including: Tonight, I Like How it Feels, Dirty Dancer as well as several successful Spanish tracks from his latest album Euphoria.

CLICK HERE to read a portion of the interview and Enri talking about this past year!

On how 2011 was a great year for him:
“It wasn’t really just one moment, but more all of the concerts that I did with my tour that made this such a magical year for me.”

On what he wants 2012 to bring:
“For the new year my desire is to sleep more and to continue making music because it’s what I am passionate about.”

On his favorite memories of the holiday season:
“My first Christmas in Spain after I moved to the United States. I was 9 years old and it was a big reunion with my mother and my family. The new years I remember the most is from 2000, because of what it symbolized. A new century, it was my first new years in Las Vegas and it was incredible seeing so many people in masses on the streets celebrating.”

3 words that define him:
“Happy, enthusiastic and alert.”

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