Enrique+Iglesias+Power+96+1+Jingle+Ball+2012+wdwhBHDp-vGxAnother Tuesday…another ‘Enrique Iglesias is getting married’ rumor!

There is talk that the singer is planning a very elegant wedding to Anna Kournikova, but it’s probably not true.

His rep, Joe Bonilla, had this to share about the supposed nuptials:

“If you knew my client you would realize that lavish is not the way he does things, he’s more the type that would get married through a drive-thru but having said this I don’t know cause he’s extremely private.”

We’re thinking that’s a no. He and Anna have a good thing going without getting married. No need for the official document!


Otro martes…otro rumor de que ‘Enrique Iglesias se va a casar’!

Se dice que le cantante planea una boda lujosa con Anna Kournikova, pero parece no ser cierto.

Su representante, Joe Bonilla, dijo que su cliente es muy sencillo para andar organizando una boda elegante, además es una persona muy privada y no sabe si es verdad o no.

Nos imaginamos que no. Él y Anna están felices como pareja sin necesitar un documento oficial para hacerlos pareja.

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