eiza+oscars+vestido+amarilloEiza Gonzalez became the butt of all jokes for her dress at the Oscars.

The fashion experts applauded her for going bold with the yellow – but most agree that the dress was just too simple and looked almost like a bathing suit.

The Internet did not wait to respond with memes – joking that she just didn’t have the money for a proper dress.

The gags compare her with Pikachu, Tweety bird, a minion, a DHL package, a Club America jersey, Homer Simpson, the Teleton t-shirt, and even a box of Corn Puffs.

Eiza got wind of the jokes and did not like it. She took to social media to respond and said “Oigan. Yo estoy muy orgullosa de ser una mujer 100% Mexicana ahí anoche, ojalá nos apoyáramos un poquito más entre mexicano. Yo no veo a la gente de otros países siendo atacados por su misma gente. Juntos somos más fuertes en fin orgullosisma de todos los mexicanos.”

Hey, she’s right. Still, we admit we laughed at the memes.

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