eiza+dog+perroEiza Gonzalez’s dog had to have her eye removed.

The actress said that she normally doesn’t share private details about her life, but that it was such a hard day for her because of how much she loves her pet.

She said “I saw my baby girl who I rescued 14 yrs ago and shared my life with lose her eye over a sad degenerative desease. After taking her to thousands of vets and no one figuring out what she had by the time someone finally figured it out, it was too late. It’s been so hard for me to look at her and accept the fact of life and aging. There’s nothing I can do more than love her with all my heart while I drown my tears so she can feel strong.

Eiza added that all that matters is that she is healthy and happy and that she’ll be the cutest pirate dog out there. We agree! That is an adorable pup – eyes or not.

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