Because of Premios Juventud, we have a little catching up to do.

Zuleyka Rivera is pregnant!

The former Miss Universe and the NBA champ JJ Barea are expecting!!

She sent out the following press release to not only confirm the baby news but also that, because of the preggers situation, she is pulling out of the novela she had signed on to do.

She said:

“All of this came as a surprise, but I feel very fortunate. I come from a very united family and I understand that a baby is a blessing. I feel sad having to leave the novela, because it was another opportunity for me to grow as an actress and reach my professional goals. However, JJ and I are both hapy to start a family together and that God will award us with a healthy baby and many opportunities. For now we have no wedding plans and as of now I am grateful for the care and respect that I have always received.”

Congrats Z and JJ!!!

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