victorortizUh oh!! Victor Ortiz is making headlines again – but it’s not for anything he’s done inside the ring.

The boxer was arrested over the weekend for a DUI charge in California. TMZ reports that law enforcement pulled over the fighter/actor around 7pm for driving with expired tags. But when the officers approached the car, Victor was reportedly in rare form.

He supposedly “bombed” field sobriety tests and was then booked for a misdemeanor DUI charge. He has since been released from police custody.

But a bigger potential issue here for Victor is that he’s still on probation from a 2015 battery at a Kenny Chesney concert. In that Victor Ortiz and his brother were arrested for beating up a man they got into an argument with while listening to country music.

If a judge happens to decide that he has violated his probation in this latest incident, Victor could face some more legal hurdles in the coming weeks.

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