miguel+layunSoccer star Miguel Layun took to social media to rightfully complain about a decoration he saw at Toys ‘R’ Us in Portugal.

In the store, there was a miniature border wall with a stop sign and arrows pointing to “USA” and “Mexico.”

Miguel says he chose to leave when we saw this ‘joke’ – but not before showing the world the tasteless mockup.

He said “No me espanta, pero me parece una falta de respeto por parte de Toys R Us en Gaia, tener esta decoración. Un mensaje poco apropiado para niños. Dejemos que crezcan sin prejuicios.”

The toy store has responded, stating “Please know that this is not who we are and we have immediately contacted the store management in Portugal to address this,” they wrote in a statement on Twitter. “Our deepest apologies for this offensive display. It’s been removed & the employees will be dealt with appropriately.”

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