barbieMariana ‘La Barbie’ Juarez says that the show “4 Elementos” is fake.

The boxer was eliminated from the show in March but, according to her, she was set up to fail.

She says the Televisa show is a fraud, telling “El Debate” her version of what she lived while shooting. She said “Estaba súper emocionada antes de que comenzara…se trataba de hacer deporte y mostrar tu fortaleza. Pero ya estando ahí terminas dándote cuenta de que es más el show, pues ya todo está arreglado.”

La Barbie swears that her gear was tightened more than others so her circulation would get cut off – giving other contestants the advantage. She also mentioned that the team made up for TV hosts were treated better then others…and that production would purposely make them win.

She feels used and says Televisa did not show the truth of what really happened.

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