Mexican diver Ivan Garcia won the silver medal at the Olympics in synchronized diving.

He had the whole nation behind him cheering him on and has newfound fame and glory to bask in.

However, being in the public eye can be tricky, and he is learning that now.

It appears some people accused him of being gay and he quickly denied the rumors but insulted the homosexual community at the same time. A few days ago he said:

“For those that think and say that I am gay, the truth is no, not at all…I am 100% man.”

Of course, the hidden meaning behind this is that gay men are not 100% men – and some have taken offense to this.

We’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he is 18 and is just starting to deal with being in the spotlight and hopefully didn’t mean to inadvertently diss anyone.

Lesson learned.

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