piqueWhen Gerard Pique believes in something, nothing changes his mind!

The Barcelona defender shruged off jeers from Spain fans and says he has no plans to leave the Spanish national team.

Spanish supporters booed him every time he touched the ball during Spain’s Euro 2016 qualifier match against Slovakia last Saturday, after past negative comments he made about Real Madrid.

At a press conference on Thursday Pique showed he is unrepentant. He said:

“I’m not sorry for anything. I am like this and I will not change. I want Madrid to lose, always…I think they whistle me because of Barça-Madrid rivalry, but I won’t change. I’ll always want things to go bad for Madrid. I wore a Buffon shirt during the Champions League semi final and always want Madrid to lose. That’s the way the Madrid-Barça rivalry is.”

Good for him for standing his ground…however, this press conference probably just made everything worse!

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