danry+vasquezThe woman who was brutalized by baseball player Danry Vasquez says she regrets not pressing charges against him…and prays that he’s a changed man for the sake of his new wife.

Fabiana Perez spoke with Univsion and confirms the two did not break up until months after the 2016 attack. Vasquez got engaged to a new woman in November 2017 and they’re now married.

Fabiana says the two had been together for 6 years and were engaged at the time of the incident.

As TMZ reported, Fabiana was not cooperative with prosecutors and lobbied the district attorney to let Vasquez slide.

Now, Fabiana says she regrets her actions…and had this message about Vasquez “May God forgive him. He knows what he did. He wronged me, and at the time I forgave him, but if I had the knowledge I have now, I would have made a different decision.”

As for people who criticized her for staying with Vasquez after the attack, Perez had this to say:
“It’s true what they say: you need to walk a mile in someone’s shoes to know how you’d feel in their situation. People don’t know the stuff that I lived, people don’t know the fear that I suffered.”

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