June/July 2009Simply WOW!

Dayanara Torres graces the latest Para Todos cover and she is looking capital G Gorgeous!!

Take that, you know who!

CLICK HERE to read a snippet from the interview in which she talks being a single mother and her hopes for finding love again!

On balancing work and raising her children, Cristian and Ryan: You have to have the understanding that it’s not an easy thing to balance. My children are my priority, and I say no to certain projects no matter how important they are because of my responsibilities as a mother.

What she likes most about motherhood: I love my role as a mother, and being a mother of two boys especially. It makes me feel capable of anything, preparing breakfast, taking them to school, taking them to guitar lessons, piano, soccer etc. It brings me so much satisfaction.

On her hopes for finding love again: Of course, true love! I have been in various relationships over the years that ended up being with not the right person, so maybe I should enjoy this time I have of being single.

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