One of the best press conferences ever!

Daniela Romo gathered the media to discuss her experience with battling and beating breast cancer.

She faced everyone without her standard long hair and looked strong. The singer shared many bits of wisdom and opened up about what she felt. Her words:

“Without a doubt this has been a difficult experience, but at the same time happy, full of lessons, and beautiful, that allows me to be once again with and for all of you…I never cried, what hurt me the most was the pain that this would provoke for my family and those around me. Even though I knew I had to continue forward for them and for myself…Life is today, I don’t look back, the past is for reference and the future doesn’t exist. Today exists and if you do something beautiful with it, when time passes you’ll have a past that is worthy to remember…Life is a marvelous mystery, which I love…I want to pick up where I left off and continue on my path to what I get to live. For now I must rest and perhaps at the end of the year I can finish recording my album, of which there is only one song missing. I am not in a hurry to return, all that matters right now is learning and appreciating every hour and every day that life gifts me.”

When the press conference ended, glasses of champagne were handed out to everyone that attended and Daniel toasted the following:

“Salud y ¡viva la vida!, la de todos nosotros!”

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