cristian+castroCristian Castro has never spoken about his month-long marriage…until now.

The Mexican singer was on Argentinian show “La Noche de Mirtha” and revealed that he found a message on his wife’s cell phone during their honeymoon that essentially ended their relationship right there and adding. He added “No soy tan aguantador, la verdad no.”

When asked if he was sad that the nuptials lasted so short, he answered “Obvio estoy súper triste, quién no va a estar triste. Tristísimo. La gente cree que yo estoy muy feliz, pero yo estoy tristísimo. Pero ¿cómo me voy a casar y no estar triste? Uno no se casa, se divorcia y está feliz.”

The time between the wedding and the official split was 28 days.

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