cristian+castroCristian Castro could care less what you think about his sexuality.

While promoting his music in an interview with “Infobae” he said:

“I am perfectly aware about what all of you say about my sexuality. Truthfully, I could care less about what people say about me, or if I’m too much, or if I’m a good catch, am gay, or transexual.”

Gotta love his sincerity.


A Cristian Castro no le importan lo que opinen sobre su sexualidad.

En una entrevista para promover su nueva música con “Infobae”, él dijo:

“Soy consciente perfectamente de lo que dicen todos ustedes acerca de mi sexualidad. Sinceramente, me importa un reverendo cacahuate lo que ustedes comenten acerca de mí, o si soy tremendo, si soy bueno, gay o transexual.

Nos encanta su honestidad.

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