We love smart Latinas!!

We got to chat with Editor-in-Chief of Siempre Mujer magazine Maria Cristina Marrero and talked about a few things – Latinos in the US, Pitbull, the Siempre Inspiran issue, and more.

Had a blast and hopefully it won’t be our last convo!!

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About Pitbull:
He’s at an incredible level. One of the things that I like most about what he’s doing is that he is putting Latinos on the map with Americans in respect to shows like the Grammys, and MTV, all of those shows. Before you would see that they would invite Latin artists – Ricky Martin, Shakira, Juanes – but it wasn’t common that they Americans would come to our Latin shows. I thought it was marvelous that Usher came to the Latin Grammys. I thought it was super cool that NeYo came to the Latin Billboards and it’s a trend that he is creating. I think it’s great that he is opening a new door for Latin music.

What do you think about the Latin stars that are recognized in the Anglo market returning to their roots (Zoe Saldaña, Demi Lovato, Taboo, Adrienne Bailón, etc.)?
A lot of people, for example, as me, ‘Are you going to make the magazine in English?’ and I say ‘Why, if even the Americans are speaking Spanish now.’ It’s a questions of timing, a perfect timing for us. Us Latinos have had a lot of time being hot, especially in music, but I think that we are just now consolidating that more than ever. I definitely think it has to do with the census numbers. Americans need to see number to understand or take the risk. So those 52 million Latinos in this country are extremely important. You’d have to be blind not to see that and those figures have helped us to stand firm and say ‘hey, we are here, we are doing great things and we are open to sharing them.’ I think that those people that are second and third generation that are now appreciating their roots do so because our culture is beautiful and there is a lot to learn about it. What’s happening is very interesting and it’s about time they realized it.

Issue de Mujeres que Inspiran:
This is my favorite issue and my who editorial team because this is now our sixth year doing it and it all started because we wanted to showcase the philanthropic efforts that these incredible women are doing and they don’t necessarily have to be famous. We have what’s called anonymous heroes. We have the public figures that feel a responsibility to give back to their people. It’s our most important issue because it’s about success stories. They are inspiring stories.

About Selena Gomez (cover of this issue):
She is the youngest UNICEF ambassador in its history, at 17 years old. I wanted her on the cover because it’s important for the new Latino generations to see that it can be done, that you shouldn’t forget where you came from, and that age doesn’t matter. What matters are your intentions.

Responsibility as a journalist:
What Calle 13 is doing is very criticized, sometimes they don’t use the prettiest or most accepted words to express their message, but the important thing is that they use each opportunity to deliver a positive message. I appreciate that they use each moment to deliver a message, to talk about the problems students face in different countries. When you have so much access to things, like artists do, to travel and see the world and have so many followers that perhaps haven’t left their hometowns, for me it’s so important that they deliver that message. I have no choice, there is no other alternative but to do it. As an editor I decide what my particular message is and always use positive words and convey my message that way. I want to talk about difficult subjects, I want to talk about conflicts, problems, what is going on with our people, with the Latinos in this country, but I want to do it in a positive way. That’s the beauty of Siempre Mujer. It’s a magazine that is always inspirational, positive, and optimist, even when discussing a heavy subject.

Print vs. Social media:
This year our subscriptions jumped 15%, in an economic downturn and when people are canceling their magazine subscriptions because they consider it a luxury. That says something there, that the way we are connecting with people, that this woman needs to read us, hold us in her hands and see these great pages, those pictures with the artists on the cover, see what is new in fashion, read about breast cancer. The need to have a moment to yourself is so important, especially for women. There is nothing better than sitting for 15 minutes and not be connected to machine, grab the magazine, go through the pages and not have to think too much.

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