donald+trump+univisionOK, this might be taking it a little too far.

Univision President Alberto Ciurana posted a photo comparing Donald Trump to the Charleston gunman who killed nine people.

He must have realized how absurd this was, because he later removed it and said:

“I’m a Mexican who was very upset by Mr. Trump’s recent comments about Mexican immigrants, but I should not have re-posted the photo.”

Trump responded:

“Apology not accepted. I call for his resignation as president of Univision and Univision should not be allowed to host the Presidential debate. It is a total conflict of interest.” Univision plans to hold a presidential forum.

In an interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett Thursday, Trump called the photo that Ciurana posted “disgraceful.”

“When he put that up, he then took it down… he’s got tremendous liability,” Trump said.

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