sofia+nino+riveraSofia Niño de Rivera says she won’t perform in Chihuahua because she has been threatened with murder if she visits that city.

The stand-up comedian put up a video on social media explaining why.

She says she was scheduling a show in Chihuahua but then started to receive scary messages online, for example “ven a dar la vuelta y te desaparecemos” and “vamos a ir a tu show a lastimarte.”

Sofia stated that she doesn’t play around with threats – but she also has a message for all those that spend their time promising to end her life.

She says “Si van a tener esa energía de odio y de agresión, mínimo canalícenla a algo que sí está lastimando a su estado, como el gobierno, como el narcotráfico, como los feminicidios, como la homofobia; realmente quieren defender a su estado, defiéndanla de las cosas que realmente importan, no de una comediante.”

Her fans in Chihuahua will be bummed to hear this, but better to be safe than sorry.

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