DB3240A0-F78D-438B-8C7C-45EEB53EC630Sergio Goyri stuck his foot in his mouth and got caught.

Lupita Arreola, Sergio’s fiancee, was recording a video in what was an intimate dinner among friends. She then posted the video on social media.

What she didn’t realize, or maybe she did, was that part of what was in the video was Sergio calling Yalitza Aparicio a “p!nche india” who shouldn’t be nominated to the academy awards.

The video went viral immediately.

He was quick to post a video himself to apologize and say how deeply he regretted saying what he said. He also posted a message directly to Yalitza saying, “Mi querida Yalitza, muy apenado con usted dando la cara del error tan grande que cometi al externar un comentario totalmente fuera de lugar. Le pido mil disculpas, jamas fue con la intension de ofenderla…mil bendiciones de todo corazon. A sus ordenes.”

What does Yali have to say about this?

“Estoy orgullosa de ser una indígena oaxaqueña y me apena que haya personas que no sepan el significado correcto de las palabras”, was her only response.

She’s probably too busy prepping for the upcoming Oscars.

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