Sara Ramirez is on the cover of Latina magazine.

She opens up about her future life after Grey’s Anatomy, her new-found love, and more.

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On her private wedding ceremony: “There was so much love in that space, I can’t even tell you,” says Ramirez. “We were surrounded by people who had nothing but joy and love for us, really evolved, conscious love. And that is something that we were very clear about wanting.”

On her views from a young girl to now: “Eventually you work through those fears and realize that the examples and the psychology that you grow up with don’t have to be. You can change patterns.”

On her evolving relationship with now husband, Ryan Debolt: “The most confidant man I’ve ever met…Ryan Debolt,” says Ramirez. When I met my husband, I had no interest in rushing into anything. I wanted to finally learn that lesson, to really take your time, and really to get to know someone and really allow them to get to know you.”

On her being a part of the long-running drama, Grey’s Anatomy: “I feel really proud of the show, I feel proud to work with everybody that I work with. It’s really something else that we’re still around. We’re so lucky.”

On her owning life: “Because of the women that I love in my life who are in their 40s, I would say that I see myself being even more empowered.”

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