C49F2AF4-EED8-4783-A34B-3E1B1FBD138FAfter the fiasco with the press at Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Mendez’s wedding, Rosie Rivera stood up for her brother Juan Rivera who gave out Raul de Molina’s cell phone number and had the most altercations with the media.

She said:

Estoy con @juanriveramusic … no he leído sus comentarios… me los imagino y no me importan. (Cuando entenderán que sus opiniones odiosas e ignorantes no me importan?) Brother, you go to war for us… whether we are wrong or right, whether we caused the mess or were innocent. You taught me what it is to be a sister, loyally. the world can not understand a man like you, because you are not of this world. Thank you for fighting for us. I see your heart in all you do. Thank you. I admire, respect you and love you greatly.
They give it to us all day…. we take it and smile because they can’t take our joy away. They can’t take away what they didn’t give.

I doubt they could handle what they give.
Medios, hirieron a nuestra niña. Si, la hirieron. En el día más importante y bello de su vida, USTEDES, causaron dolor. No, no es si trabajo, fue maldad. @chiquis se ha portado de lo mejor con ustedes, y la hirieron. Pero recuerden… lo que siembran eso cosechan. Ley de la vida.
#firmeysintemor #gordoylaflaca #rauldemolina”

The whole family seems to be sticking together for this one. Juan Ángel Lopez, Jenni Rivera’s youngest son, laughed at the press, as did his brother Mikey Marin who said the cameraman who was said to be attacked, faked the fall.

Rosie also claims that the exclusive images to the wedding were not sold or that this was going to be part of The Rivera’s, the reality show that airs on the Telemundo network.

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