The sexy and talented Roberto Manrique stars in Confesiones Del Pene in Miami this weekend.

Before he goes on stage to talk all things penis, we decided to catch up with him and chat all about it.

He couldn’t have been more charming!

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Why did you decide to participate in this play?
It all happened synchronous to my wishes, so much that it was impossible to turn it down. I was looking for a reason to move to Miami while Telemundo defines my next project under our exclusive contract. Just as I was going to write my manager to ask him to get in touch with Manuel Mendoza, the producer and director of El Idearium, and to tell him my interest in doing theater here, that same day I receive a personal email from Manuel, even though we had never met, proposing that I participate in this play. It was something exceptional. Besides, I love the theater. I could do just theater and I’d be happy. I wouldn’t be rich, but I’d be happy. This was a new challenge because it’s a new style of theater for me, and I always like a nice challenge, and it was time to discover a new market, in this case Miami, in my career.

What do you like most about this project?
The chemistry with the group is always fundamental for the quality of the result. In this case it is something special, the mystique of the work ethic of Manuel Mendoza makes it so the process is fluid and enjoyed from beginning to end. That the cast is on rotation gives it a special quality also because you constantly have to rebuild the play reinventing it depending on the new actor that joins the scene and support the function. It’s a permanent premiere. And lastly, the opportunity to bring to the audience long laughs that you feel, that hurt your abs, that’s the best payoff.

The play touches on hot topics – have you lived moments so scandalous in your personal life?
What’s scandalous for some, can be boring for others. I like to think that my life has its quota of irreverence and daring, of fun and high temperatures. I’m not a crazy man without brakes, but I am enjoying life.

Does it make you uncomfortable to talk about that strong content in front of an audience?
I thought it would, but once I get on stage, and take on the character, and see the audience in front of me something magical happens, and I disappear along with my judgements and doubts, taking on the avalanche of crazy things to say with total professionalism. (Laughs)!

Talking about penis, would you pose nude?
That I pose nude is not that probable. If it were to happen, it would be for a social or artistic reason. Regardless, if one of my characters needs to do it then that’s a whole different question. If the story requires it, and it’s done in a classy way that is justified and I feel it has to be done, then I have no problem with it. In fact, I already did it. In Spain, this past April I acted in the play “Herejía” and my character was part of a sequence of totally nude torture.

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