rafael+rojasRafael Rojas was one of the biggest actors of 90s, but a lot has changed since then.

He worked side-by-side with big names like Thalia and Salma Hayek – but it seems addiction has brought him to ruins.

“TV Notas” published a photo of Rafael and they claim that he is living in the streets.

With more than 20 telenovelas during his career, the mag reports that he is now begging for money on the streets, eating from trash bins, and washing cars for tips.

The mag approached him and he told them: “Hay gente que se acerca a mí y me regala unas monedas o alimentos”. Algunos me dicen Rafa, o también les digo que me llamo Humberto.”

Since 2012, it’s been rumored that he has been battling a drug and alcohol addiction.

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