pastillaLook who is apologizing.

Victor Monroy, singer of group Pastilla, is sorry for wishing death on all Mexicans in an earthquake, threatening to kill Mexicans in the US, and for calling Salvadorans dirty.

He released a statement to the press saying “Antes que nada, perdón por escupir hacia arriba y lastimarlos con mis palabras de hace unos días. Me siento muy apenado por haber proyectado odio hacia mi gente, a los fans, y a todos los mexicanos. No tengo excusas y asumo toda la responsabilidad, y si me han de sacrificar por un post cargaré mi cruz hasta el monte.”

Victor then went on to talk about the hardships of being a musician in Mexico.

Victor, this will probably be the last time you ever get a mention on this website regardless of how good your music may or may not be. We hope other TV networks, radio stations, and digital media follow suit.

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