miss+universeThe hottest topic this week was most certainly Donald Trump‘s ridiculous remarks about Mexicans and all Latinos in general.

Let us repeat, he said Mexicans bring drugs to the US, are criminals, and also rapists.

J Balvin canceled his performance on Miss USA, Univision cut all ties with Trump, and the hashtag #LatinoUnidos became a trending topic worldwide as all Latinos came together making a stand.

Miss USA and Miss Universe will most likely still get aired – especially in English – so the question is…do we boycott??

Should we all decide not to support these events since they are backed by this racist discriminating socialite??

Us Latinos LOVE Miss Universe and we all cheer for our individual countries and our region as a whole – but we cannot continue to take part in something when the owner only wants our viewership and money but doesn’t even care to give respect back.

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