manoloManolo Caro exploded against a publication who published a story saying he was working alongside with Angelica Rivera.

The magazine said that the producer would be in charge of a series for Netflix where the former First Lady would be telling her story.

After other media started to spread the story, he sent out an open letter to the director of the publication and while at it, he firmly stated that he would never work .

He said “no ha habido acercamiento alguno con dicha persona. No es mi interes llevar su vida a una serie de television, pelicula u obra de teatro. Esta informacion perjudica mi imagen publica ya que yo estoy en completo desacuerdo en enaltecer personas que, como ella, han dañado profundamente a mi pais.”

He didn’t stop there. He then asked that his letter be published in the same space as the article written to make his stance clear.

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