Luis Fonsi and Adamari Lopez Wedding Singer Luis Fonsi and actress Adamari Lopez wed in San Juan, Puerto Rico on Saturday afternoon. The wedding is one of the biggest weddings in the Latin entertainment world this year. Guests were transported on shuttles from the Caribe Hilton to the church (Iglesia San Juan) and the procession lasted about an hour. When Adamari walked through the door, many of the guests started crying. As you may recall, Adamari recently made her first public appearance in over a year after going through chemotherapy and radiation to battle breast cancer.

The reception was held in the Caribe Hilton and guests partied until 3 am. Dinner was served buffet style and included an international cuisine. Millie Quezada sang for about two hours and was joined by El Gran Combo. Later Fonsi sang a song and asked Ednita Nazario to finish singing the song on stage. Other notable celebrities present included Charytin, Giselle Blondet, Carlos Ponce, Christian Acosta, and Olga Tañon.

Perhaps the most unique moment of the evening was when the wedding reception turned into a concert of sorts. Fonsi’s cousin, sister, and brother each sang a song from the 80′s. Even Fonsi’s new wife, Adamari, sang a song. Let’s just say she makes a much better actress than singer.

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